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Carpe Diem

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My reason for writing a blog ..

Basically this is my photography blog but I love expressing my feelings on social network …some of my friends don’t like this… here is my explanation …

There are times when I just want to get all
these feelings out. Like right now, I’m
itching to do it. But I’d rather not say them
and hurt someone. That, I promised myself.
Hurting someone intentionally is such a sad
thing. Ans so I told myself that I’ll channel
my feelings differently, in a more
productive way. I’m not running away from
it or avoiding conflict. I’m letting my
emotions subside and look at things better
when I’m less angry.
And instead of going around and creating
dramas, I’d rather write about it. In writing,
I’m given the chance to think about things,
see the bigger picture, feel emotions from
all sides, and realize that it’s not just me
and my story, that there’s everyone else
and their story. That things don’t revolve
around me all the time. Most of the time,
I’m only a part of it.

thanx frisia (:

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Going on a Diet Monday, how I made it

CasaForns Blog

How a made “Going on a Diet Monday”

Puffins are one of our favorite birds, and we planned a trip to England to try and visit some of the nesting islands. And I said try because getting to land is totally weather dependent. Puffins are seabirds and only come to land in the summer, to nest in burrows, and when the offspring are ready, they go back to the ocean, where they stay until the next breeding season. Chicks follow on their own a few days after the adults, and will not come back to land until they are ready to breed themselves, which could be from two to four years. They are nick named “clowns of the sea” because of their colorful and funny appearance.
At the end of the breeding season, they have a family to feed and will come to land with a mouthful of sand eel…

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Pen is mightier than the sword

Throo Da Looking Glass

Keep your mind open
impossible is nothing
Imagination !!

Familiar things can be quite unfamiliar from a different perspective. For more entries head to Thursday Challenge FAMILIAR (Anything that is everyday or familiar to you..), Katherine’s Corner



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Bokeh photography by Pgsanap’s Photography

Sea bokeh by pgsanap’s photography
Bokeh Photography
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Time of the year

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FauxToe Friday

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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